Monday, August 30, 2010

Justin Bieber ft. Kanye West & Raekwon - Runaway Love

Aight peoples check this out...Wu Tang clan aint nuthin tuh %&$@# with the $*(%^&#@ Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Raekwon come together for this one. Now to all my producers, artists and true hip hop heads in the building honestly what do you all think about this one...and just incase you haven't heard it yet check it out below.
Personally I think cause of Justin's voice sounding like a live sample is why they jumped at the idea of this ..nuthin tell me.


  1. Good grief, when will the bullshit stop. Bieber ain't no B Boy. Back that bullshit back to Broadway!!!

  2. it almost sound like a whole different track when he was singing, i wonder how much they paid Rza to release this beat ...hope he didnt just hand that isht over

  3. it's falling apart for summa these artists in the industry whereas others are not falling prey to these cheezee methods of gettin paid so UNDERGROUND FOREVER BABY!!!

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  5. Listen mah people,

    This here is strictly a survival business move for Raekwon. Mostly on his part to stay relevant and make a play to break into the industry's mainstream. In this day and age with record labels falling down left an' right. Everybody's duckin' and stoopin' low fuh cheddar. How else would the dude breathe yo?

    The kids don't listen to "grown up" raps no more. A lot of foundation cats is outta work cuz these kids got re-programmed into liking disposable rap songs and "low brow" mindset cyphers. Their version of Hip Hop is a twisted mess now.....I mean; the tight jeans and shrunken t-shirts and hoodies, big shades and ugly sneakers.....You ever see these kids dance now a day? is a hot mess. They don't even dance on beat. But anyway...Offtopic...

    Back on...

    Justin Bieber is the newest thing out. Teen pop sensation....right?

    Don't score too much points in the urban funk kingdoms at all. 1st. He ain't black (he's prolly the whitest white boy since Clay Aiken). He gots no soul. He's more Elvis Presley vibin' that Justin Timberlake. So I guess Bieber's management team sits down with their lattes an cappicinos; tryin' to package or repackage this kid for the "urban" crowd. They tried with branding the kid with Usher...But Usher is tryin to go "pop" his damn self ain't he?....So that fails. The Luda joint..That was dumb..Failed too.

    See They want street cred for the kid. His team don't want another Donnie Osmond. That got played out with the 70's.....

    So who is the streets most respected? A lot of the heds say "Wu Tang".....A lot of hedz still bob to Wu's joints. But Meth ain't as available as he used to be.

    Raekwon been tryin to make something big happen for awhile right? So he jumps up. There you go.

    I mean we all reacted similar when word got out that Dj Premier was goin to produce for Christina Aguiller...whatever her name is. We all got in a fuss on the same level too.

    Personally, I don't support moves like this. But we don't know the economics behind Raekwons situation. They got alot of Wu Tang soldiers drivin' cabs an even workin at Mickey D's. And it it ain't the fact that they ain't that talented. I mean look at Cappadonna. Killer Priest is holding on by his fingers.

    All said .....People....The music industry is a sick and twisted place.

    Don't believe the hype

    I'm Out!

    BoOgie BrOwn